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Jeep (the car company) recently had a great ad campaign, it may have been slightly indirect but it was without a shadow of a doubt creative! The three ads below feature animals, the special thing about each ad however is that if you flip the image over, it becomes a different animal. The message of the ad campaign that jeep pushed was “See whatever you want to see”.

When you are the proud owner of a Jeep, we know that any time you can go wherever you want, see what you want to see,” explains the agency. “These three stunning visuals show a giraffe head, an elephant’s head, and a deer head. The hook then invites the reader to return to the announcement to discover an animal at the other end of the world. A nice invitation to travel.

jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-1 jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-2 jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-3 jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-4 jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-5 jeep-ad-campaign-leo-burnett-france-6

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